Justin Truitt

Justin Truitt - Drummer, Percussionist, Clinician and Educator


Justin has a very successful private lesson studio in Las Vegas. Specializing in all areas of percussion lessons including; drum set, mallet keyboard, concert percussion, timpani, hand drums, rudimental/ marching, as well as beginning piano, bass and guitar. If you are interested in taking lessons please contact Justin at justinwtruitt@gmail.com

Clinic at the Las Vegas Drum Camp, 2015

Clinic at the Las Vegas Drum Camp, 2015

Drum set/ Hand Drums & World Percussion

Justin teaches all levels: Beginning - Professional. Students will learn all styles, develop techniques and build reading and listening skills. Establishing time keeping skills, while developing groove will be essential.


Rudimental Drumming/ Marching Percussion

This is the foundation. Building a solid rudimental vocabulary is paramount! Students will refine their music reading skills, applying rudiments to exercises and solos. Justin guides students through; snare drum, tenors, bass drum and cymbals to ensure they are prepared for the high school drumline experience.

Performance at the Smith Center - Las Vegas, NV (2017)

Performance at the Smith Center - Las Vegas, NV (2017)

Concert Percussion -Timpani, Mallets, Snare Drum & ACCESSORIES

Students will learn the fundamentals in mallet playing, timpani, snare drum and accessories. Correct techniques, solo literature and audition preparation are some of the focus Justin teaches.